Open Week Festival of Golf Wednesday Results

Men’s Singles Stableford

1st – Pete Williams 42 pts
2nd – Ash Thomas 36 pts
3rd – Dylan McPhee 35 pts

Two’s Sweep

Ash Thomas 2nd, Kev Percy 2nd

5x Balls Per Two

Wynne Jones Teams of Four

Two’s Sweep

Rich Law 6th, James Evans 6th, Dylan McPhee 6th, Tom Mills 2nd

2x Doz Balls Per Two

1st – Kev Percy, Andrew Mills, Steve Cadwallader-Jones & Rhys Cadwallader-Jones 94 pts
2nd – Phil Evans, Shea Meade, Sarah Richardson & Lianne Thomas 92 pts
3rd – James Platford, James Evans, Dylan McPhee & Pete Griffiths 92 pts